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Different Kinds of Modern Trampoline

The different variety of trampolines that people enjoy today can be credited to the innovative adjustments that manufacturers implemented over the years. There are those that use trampolines for recreational purpose, those that form their entire fitness routine around it and a handful that enjoy both uses.

The Round Type of Trampoline

Counted among the most popular kind of trampoline especially in the backyard of any typical home, round trampolines are the first on the list. Available at a diameter of anywhere from twelve up to sixteen feet, round trampolines are commonly surrounded by secure safety nets and are highly recommended for children’s recreational use.

The Rectangular Type of Trampoline

The ever-growing popularity of rectangular trampolines can be credited to a lot of factors, but there are two main reasons that standout. The trampoline’s very shape is what makes it a perfect fit for the backyard especially when factors like the space and fencing are of great concern. The second reason is that, thanks to the uneven distribution of force, this kind of trampoline offers a higher bounce. It does sound like a lot of fun, do remember that the rectangular trampoline is recommended only for gymnasts and those that are skilled in jumping.

Water Trampolines

Basically, trampolines that are water based are inflatable and are installed in spacious areas. So if you want the kind of trampoline that not only allows people to bounce on it all day but can actually launch people into water then this is the kind of trampoline you’re looking for. Establishments like summer camps and lakeside resorts love the addition of water trampolines in their activities.

The Mini Type of Trampoline

Small trampolines are a favorite among fitness enthusiasts. As the name states, you can guess that they are not at all difficult to store and they can be used for indoor and outdoor activities.

Mini Trampolines and the Biggest Benefit They Can Offer

Trampolines have been popular for a very long time mainly due to the fact that it’s fun and can facilitate all sorts of health benefits through jumping.


Apart from all the health benefits of a mini trampoline, one of the biggest would be its entertainment value. Not like all the other redundant and boring exercises you can ready online, trampolines offer a great deal of fun. In addition, people said that routines utilizing trampolines remind them of their childhood.

Experience Low Impact Cardio

Almost all the cardio exercise you’ll see are high-impact and are quite difficult on the body. Compared to the trails and roadways you’ll run on while jogging or running, trampolines are obviously softer; the jarring might develop leg or foot problems in the future.

Burn Those Calories Away

Any kind of aerobic activity, when done right, will burn calories and that includes jumping on trampolines. What makes trampoline exercises standout is the amount of fun you’ll have.

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